In the normal course of operations, Rockbridge Capital, LLC (the "Firm") will collect and disclose certain private information about the investors, prospective investors and former investors (collectively, "Investors") in the funds managed by the Firm (each a "Fund", and collectively, the "Funds"). Personal financial information about the Investors, such as their names, addresses, social security numbers, assets and incomes, will be obtained from subscription agreements and other documents. Other personal information about the Investors, such as capital account balances, account data or information about their participation in any investment, as applicable, will be obtained in the course of transactions or communications between the Investors and the Funds or their affiliates.

Except as provided below, this private information will be disclosed only (i) as permitted by the Funds' respective governing documents or (ii) as permitted or required by applicable law to the Funds' affiliates and service providers, including the Funds' accountants, attorneys, broker-dealers, custodians, transfer agents, placement agents, lenders, and joint venture partners, and any other parties necessary or convenient to the formation, operation or dissolution of the Fund in question. Any party receiving private information about the Investors pursuant to the preceding sentence will be authorized to use such information only for their evaluation, to perform the services required, or as permitted by applicable law. No party receiving an Investor’s personal information will be authorized to use or share that information for any other purpose.

Access to private information about the Investors will be restricted to those employees of the Firm who require such access to provide services to the Funds and their Investors. The Firm will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with regulations to guard private information about its Investors.

In all events, the Firm may disclose Investor information: (i) to other Investors as required or permitted under a Fund's Partnership or Operating Agreement, as applicable; or (ii) as required by applicable law.

The foregoing Privacy Notice reflects a privacy policy that has been adopted by the Firm with respect to all of the Funds. It may be updated from time to time upon notice to the Funds' respective Investors.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact the Firm's Chief Compliance Officer, Maureen Kiefer-Goldenberg, at (614) 750-1138 or